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Exclusive 2014 Coupon – 40% and 1 Week Free


Get 1 week of free food plus 40% off your order when you use one of Diet Discount Code’s exclusive Nutrisystem coupons.  Each additional auto delivery order will also be discounted by 40% when you activate this offer.

About Nutrisystem

In 2014, Nutrisystem is introducing their new Fast 5 program, which is designed to help you lose five pounds in the first week. The newest Nutrisystem discount code of 2014 lets you try the Fast 5 program for free with your 28 day auto delivery order. Another coupon, this one is exclusively brought you to only here, gives you 40% off your order and one week of free food.  You cannot use these discounts together, so you will need to choose the best one for you.

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Nutrisystem Coupon 2014

Fast 5 Nutrisystem Coupons


Lose up to 5 pounds in your first week with the Fast 5 from Nutrisystem.  Use this discount code to get the Fast 5 free with your 28-day auto delivery order.  (See below for details on the Fast 5).

Promo Code for Nutrisystem - 40% off Every Order

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With this exclusive offer from Diet Discount Code, act now and get 40% off EVERY order with this Nutrisystem Coupon for 2013.  Just click the coupon, and your discount will automatically be added.  That’s 40% off your first order, AND every order after that.

Using Nutrisystem Coupons

Nutrisystem Discount Code

Using a Nutrisystem discount code is extremely easy.  Just click on any of the coupons above, and it will automatically be activated.  You will be taken to the Nutrisystem website, and selected offer will appear right underneath the menu.  If the offer wasn't the one you were expecting, it would be expired.  Come back to and try another.

Nutrisystem works in 3 easy steps. First, choose your meal plan - you can start with the pre-selected Favorites package, or customize your own meal plan. Your meal plan start as low as $10 per day. That is less than the cost of two fast food trips. Second, your menu will be delivered, along with a results success kit. Lastly, all you need to do is follow the meal planner and eat your portion controlled meals.

These Nutrisystem promo codes require you to sign up for the Auto-Delivery program. Auto-Delivery automatically charges you and ships you a new shipment of food every 28 days. The menu you selected on your previous order will automatically be delivered right to your door. With Auto-Delivery, you will also get free shipping to the continental US.

Nutrisystem Discount Code 2014

 Nutrisystem Fast 5

To start off 2014, Nutrisystem is introducing the Fast 5 program.  This program is designed to help you lose five pounds in your first week.  Losing the first five pounds can be very tricky for some people, so Nutrisystem has created a program that get you over that first hurdle.  It contains a bonus week of food that includes seven specially selected breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that will jumpstart your weight loss.

To compliment the meals during your first week, you will also receive two different kinds of shakes to take during the day.  The first one is called the EnergiZING shake, and it's made to boost your metabolism.  The other shake is a Craving Crusher shake, and like the name, is intended to help you fight off hunger.  To complete the Fast 5 plan, you will get a unique seven day meal plan that will help you complete your first seven days with confidence and finish with even more motivation to lose the next five pounds.

In 2014, Nutrisystem is also offering two new meal plan programs. The first is dinners on your own where you get the prepackaged meals for breakfast, lunch, and a snack, but you provide your own dinner. The other meal plan that will be introduced is the weeks on your own meal plan. This meal plan gives you meals from the week, but you provide your own meals on the weekend. These meal plans are designed for people who need more flexibility, but are not recommended for people with lots of weight to lose. And don't worry, most Nutrisystem discount codes will work with these meals plans.

More Nutrisystem Coupon Codes

Another way to get the latest Nutrisystem coupon codes and deals, other than Diet Discount Code, is to sign up for the Nutrisystem newsletter. Just click the "Join For Free" link on the very top left of the Nutrisystem website. Complete the sign up form, and Nutrisystem will email you special offers.

There have been quite a few really good coupon codes that have come in the Nutrisystem newsletter. The most recent ones have included $30 off all meal plans and 50% off all the meal plans. Another promo code offered free healthy drink mixes with a free shaker cup on top of the already amazing deal they had running.  The most recent email contained coupons for 40% every order and a free chocolate lovers pack, just in time for Valentine's Day.

About Nutrisystem the Company

Starting in 2012, Nutrisystem introduced the Success program designed to improve weight loss. It was also intended to help maintain your weight after you have hit your weight loss goals. It included new meals, new fitness and exercise programs, and more community and online support.  In 2013, the Now I Can program was introduced that empowered people to lose weight and keep it off.  And now in 2014, the Fast 5 program is being unveiled designed to help you lose the first five pounds easily.

Nutrisystem is the premier diet food delivery plan which offers over 150 meals inspired by chefs and proven by science to help you lose weight. They allow you to choose your meal plan, or select one of the customer pre-selected favorites. The company has been around for over 40 years, and their portion controlled meal plans are scientifically proven to help you eat healthy and lose weight. The average weight loss is 1 - 2 pounds per week.

Nutrisystem Cost

How much does Nutrisystem cost with the newest discount code in 2014? When you consider you get 28 days of food consisting of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and smoothies, the meal plans can be quite affordable.  The following prices are based on the 40% off coupon from above.

Here is a breakdown of the prices for the Men's Programs:

ProgramPriceCost per Day
Men's Core Program $284.99 $10.18
Men's Core Select Program $339.99 $12.14
Men's Vegetarian Program $284.99 $10.18

Here is a breakdown of the prices for the Women's Programs:

ProgramPriceCost per Day
Women's Core Program $254.99 $9.11
Women's Core Select Program $309.99 $11.07
Women's Vegetarian Program $254.99 $9.11

Here is a breakdown of the prices for the Diabetic Programs:

ProgramPriceCost per Day
Men's Diabetic Program $284.99 $10.18
Men's Diabetic Select Program $339.99 $12.14
Women's Diabetic Program $254.99 $9.11
Women's Diabetic Select Program $309.99 $11.07